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  • Jeff900 ·

    Just came back t the forum after a while. C900 owner. I can only view 3 pages of threads, is there a setting or way to view older posts?
    swagger93 ·
    Could you move my recent post in the Saab 9000 Workshop titled "MOMO steering wheel idea, dumb or cool?" to the 9000 Performance, Mods & Tuning section?
    Positiv ·
    Since Eidsvik do not responce to my request. I ask you.

    Can you remove the pictures BlueStada ad in he`s first and only post on my tread. Just out of meaning. Its first post on page 12. Thanks
    kcote99 ·
    Tom, how bad is the engine damage in my Viggen? Snapped connecting rod punched a hole in the block, correct? And the top end is damaged (valves)? What about a cracked piston? I'm getting questions about this. Either let me know or add a post in my ad. Thanks. Kevin
    starbrite ·
    hi~i am a female living in mx. i have a 1995 convertible.i am having electrical issues with the wires under the carpet by the hood release. i have somebody to help me if he can get some expert guidance. can you help or direct me to the right forum? i am at a total loss many thx,mary
    howlinwolf ·
    Hello....just read on a thread that you rebuild turbos and are from CT. I am from the New Haven area. Where are you located and what would you charge to look-at/possibly rebuild a GT 17 out of a 1999 9-5? Talk to you soon...HowlinWolf
    phillie456 ·
    What up kamikazi t0m did you just say that you tune t7`s as i`m in the 3.0 v6 1999 9-5.and interested in getting the feet wet little bit in tuning,holla at the kid for a i`m shooting for this in about 2 mos. Or sooner
    Xl Ecclipse lX ·
    yeah no problem man, nice thats alot of poines i just taked to one of my freinds and he told me everything i need to put the jzw stage 3 tune in so im looking forward to doing that only thing is though that i have a t8 so thank you for the offer. Just join it i have a couple other kids that have 93 that a whiling to meet up to we were thinking of watertown since thats the center of where everyone lives
    Xl Ecclipse lX ·
    hey i just saw you go to westconn and assuming you have a Saab so i wanted to let you know we are having a meeting soon in water town if you want to come, i go to westconn to so if you see a red Saab with blacked out tail lights give me a holler. also join Ct saabers so that we can all agree on a meeting place and invite anyone you know who owns a Saab in Ct
    vegaroach ·
    Hi Tom, my name is Ryan, and my friend Paul (mocne) got in contact with you about parts for a '98 saab 900s. Definitely I am interested in 2 of the 15" rims you have for sale, passenger headlamp and side light... how much are you looking to get? I also might be interested in the front passenger fender, if the price is right. I'm located in Stamford, CT so it'd be quite convenient for me to get there asap.

    Thanks, Ryan.
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