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  • striker2005 ·
    I did alot of reading from old posts. There was multiple member issues with the right (passenger) rear thumping when going over bumps. Only the passenger side. I have this same issue. From the research i did, these were some fixes that worked:
    1. Upper rear shock mount/bushings
    2. Plastic cover on top of rear shock
    3. Dust boot on spring
    4. Rear control arm bushings (right rear only?)
    5. Possible exhaust mounts or shields.

    From the posts, there were alot of people having this same issue. I still have the noise even with new brakes, rear shocks. Noise never went away. Is this happening to your saab? Why only the passenger rear? Has saab issued a service bulletin-the postings for this problem were back in 03-04. Let me know if you have this, or if there is a fix.
    beotch ·
    Hi there,

    do you still have those hirsch springs? Do you know if they will fit on a 09 with XWD?

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