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  • Konrad ·
    Hi. Could you tell me if in Saab 9-3SS 2003 has a junction j16 which cause p0134 very often. If no, is there some other junction which can show such code ?
    jmgiii ·
    Hi, Jssaab...I'm trying to respond to your ad for the Hirsch clone, but for some reason I haven't hit the magic number of posts to send a PM. PM me (I think that's allowed...) at your convenience. Thanks!
    captfatboy ·
    Hey could we talk I got ahold of a tdo4 and having trouble with the line conversion
    Would like to pick your brain
    Call or text even if you prefer 4178944616
    Big thx
    Jssaab ·
    A big one, it was in our shop about 2 feet long pulled it from a GMC truck IIRC so maybe it was stock? Can;t remeber really
    nadsaab ·
    hi Jssaab
    Just a 2 days back My automatic gear shifter went into problems....
    this is how it happened:
    When i drive my 05 saab 9-5 for a while the gear goes hard and i can even feel a big jerk (like someone just hit me) changing gears ( even when i change P,D,R). I just did trans flush with ATF 3309 and it would go but it still feels the same. the mechanic said to rebiuld the trans. Is it worth it. He is charging me $2500. this is my only car and it will be dificult for me go to work without this. I want some solutions immediately to fix it before somethings really bad happens.
    Witycyak ·
    yo jssaab u live in west chester right? well i saw ur sick *** 9-5 in some random parking lot in that area i was with my friends at the time so i wasnt driving my 9-5 haha but yeah theres a saab SE PA club im about to join i think they wud be mad pumped to see 2 fresh 9-5's chillin at one of their car meets haha alright man cya
    Rennsport1 ·
    Jssaab, Good afternoon. I have not heard back. Are you still buying these? Can I send you the invoice? I still do not have your email. Mine is attached to my profile(the big Y for Yahoo email).
    Please let me know by this time tomorrow. There is another buyer whom has already sent me his email so I can shoot him a Paypal invoice.
    Rennsport1 ·
    Hello. It would probably be simpler if I just send you an invoice. My email is attached to my profile and my posts, the RED Y for Yahoo will pull up my email address: [email protected] No biggie, we(my HOA) are also about to have a group garage sale. But I'd rather have a SAABer have it. Sorry that it's sans power cord, etc. But it's a nice detector.
    zachiatrist ·
    Hey I just saw your car on the post your saab thread. I also have a white 9-5 and am starting to paint some of the black trim to match. Could you send me some more pics of your car so I could get an idea of what it looks like with each piece painted?

    my email is [email protected]

    Thanks, and your car looks awesome!
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