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  • n3brejen ·
    Hello I am writing you because I read most of your posts and think you can help me because I have a problem with spring shaft and especially their finding. In particular, his head pulled my (Saab 93 OG Aero B205R) sent her into a factory for grinding, porting, changing erasers, cleaning of valve well here but it turned out that need replacing spring shaft. When you first started looking I found that not a second that I read about one who put on Volvo but I think that for me they will not fit because I am head of T7 and they are T5. So far I've made exhaust manifolds, the whole system intact and generation of 3 inches. I hope not bother you, greetings from Bulgaria.
    SAABalingus ·
    Hey John,
    I have an '04 Arc, i put a twin exhaust from an '07 Aero V6 on it. The '07 had only 8000 miles and it was a write off, so i got the whole exhaust for $100.00. Right now i have it hooked up to my original downpipe, but I'm gonna upgrade to a 3" dp. What do you think i can go up to in HP with this setup? I believe the V6 Aero exhaust is 2.5". Right now on my 4 cylinder the V6 exhaust sounds really throaty with a sweet rumble. With your help what can i max my power output at, without having to change fuel injectors and other stuff?
    Paddy D
    9ryan3viggen ·
    Hey john everyone i talk to on here say your the man to ask questions. I have a 1999 93 viggen and i am wondering how much psi the turbo stock should produce. i have a boost gage in and its only reading 10psi?? im sure u can fill me in. also my turbo doesnt make a wissing noise like alot of turbos ive heard it makes like a whistling noise..... normal??
    thanks much
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