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  • Opelotus ·
    Hey Jeremy, I'm definitely interested in buying the roof spoiler. Shoot me a message when you get a chance. Thanks!
    -Kyle Carissimi
    TN_Explorer ·
    Do you still make up adapters to connect an aftermarket head unit to the stock front speaker/amps on my 2002 9-3 SE? I'm assuming 8-pin female DIN to male RCA.
    captfatboy ·
    Man saw you where the expert on this could I ask or even talk to you about the
    Hearer core I'm working on it know and running out of sunshine in mo
    Anyway got a 02 se convert manual I see the clips on the side but not at top Like
    You described and don't want to pull and break, suggestions
    Or even feel free to give me a ring ..kinda want to get this done tonight
    Big big thx lee
    BlakPanThor ·
    Hey Jeremy... u mentioned in a post that you have the Fumoto Valve.. was considering getting one for my '00 9-3.. Was wondering did you get the Regular valve F-106 or the with the adapter? Thanks for your help!
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