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  • buttlicker69 ·
    Hi Jake,

    I'm looking for a mounting bracket for my rear bumper passenger side. I'm hoping you could help me out. Shoot me a message we can figure out a price + shipping. Thanks!
    Enginerd ·
    Hey Jake. I will happily take the exhaust. Where are you located and when are you available? Perhaps tomorrow? feel free to text or call.

    Enginerd ·
    Hello Jake. My name is Erik. I just posted to your part-out thread, but figured I'd drop you a message.

    I just picked up an 02 9-3 project, and just joined the forum. I'm looking for handful of things. Interested in the exhaust as my car needs one. Interested in the brakes if they're in good shape. Interested in the intercooler and plumbing if they'll fit my TD04 car.

    Feel free to message me here, or text or call 978-457-6683.

    k0ntir ·
    Hello. Can you pls send me prvt message so we can talk about the steering wheel if its still available. Thx
    Ejhenderson83 ·
    hi there. i need some help with the twice system. i have been a tech for 17 years and have never had to deal with that system ever. i am working on 2002 saab 9-5 for a friend they lost the key. i installed a twice box and ignition from another saab 9-5. now it cranks over but wont start. the fuel pump is working but i dont have spark. i thought maybe the cps was bad so i replaced that and still cranks no start. what am i missing? any suggestions would be awesome.
    Donna Deese ·
    I am not sure if I am doing all this SAAB Central right... So Jake, they have most everything out. Smiles. I am allowing a 33 old young women who wants to be a mechanic, with her friend, neither of whom have worked on a SAAB. It is all good.
    So, I will have them take off the front console, as the back portion, as well as middle portion is already off. Do they need to remove the air vent as some other instructions indicate needs be done. I have A SAAB manual which is alright, but I prefer to share with those who also have the experience.
    It is an automatic... which we do not need to take off the gear knob? To take the front end console off....
    Mapiknot ·
    Hi, Looking to buy a SID2 for my 02 9-3 hardtop. Do you have any? I put a new ribbon cable in my existing and all the pixels came back but very, very faint. Can't figure it out. Would be happy to send you my old SID for low cost. You seem to know what you're doing. Let me know. Thanks. Scott. [email protected] 860-638-9539
    Kevindangas ·
    Hey nice two door 93 on cl that's your right well if you still have it in a couple of month I may be interested in it just looking for a dd an I really like the two doors thanks deven
    Kevindangas ·
    Ok sweet well I am very interested do u come up to concord often cus I am in concord I am free any time next week thanks deven
    Kevindangas ·
    Hello I looked at an old post you did about a clear lens you made an was wondering if you could still make them if so I would really like a set thanks deven
    jakejm79 ·
    Price break down:
    Projectors FX-R 3.0 - $140
    Ballasts Morimoto 55W - $110
    Bulbs Morimoto 5K D2S - $45
    Shrouds G37-R - $40
    Wiring Motocontrol Bixenon - $35
    Angel Eyes Xb White 100mm - $60
    Angel Eyes Xb Amber 80mm - $50
    Amp to D2S adapters - $15
    That puts the parts value at $495 and doesn't include the headlight housings, clear lenses, custom wiring or any of the work.

    Anyway regardless of whatever you choose to do, I strongly suggest you do some research before buying and installing a PNP (no projector) kit.

    A good reason why you have probably been through so many bulbs is because they are probably the low quality aftermarket ones (assuming they are the HID bulbs that don't use a projector).
    jakejm79 ·
    Well all my hardware came from the retrofit source. The ballasts and control unit comes with a 2 year warranty and I have only had them for about a year. Not that there would be a problem (they are rated for 2000+ hours and I have only about a 100 on them if that) but I would be happy to work out something so they could get exchanged.
    Don't forget that mine has a lot more hardware than you get in that kit. That kit is basically just a PNP kit (feel free to do some research but long story short just putting a PNP bulb in a reflector housing designed for a halogen bulb wont give you much better light output).
    Mine you get the projectors, bulbs (these are proper D2S i.e. OEM base bulbs, not ones that have had pigtails added like in the Phillips kit), ballasts, control unit, 2 pairs of angel eyes, shrouds and clear lenses.
    I understand but that would kill my budget.. I can only go 320.00 plus the shipping.. Paypal ready.. I had wanted the reflectors to remain chrome also to match my clear corners.. Let me know ASAP its between you or doing a phillips HID kit...
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