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  • Ochy38 ·
    Hey, I see JCerc just asked about your bluetooth setup. I'm just curious, years after install are you still happy with it? I'm looking to do the same thing and am curious how the unit itself has held up.
    JCerc ·
    Thank you very much for sending me this and I truly apologize but I didn't see the message until now. Ironically, just yesterday I stopped at a audio store and talked to them about having bluetooth capability installed and they have a solution that is very similar to the one you sent me. I'm going to get the details on the one they provided and compare the two. I'll let you know which route I go. I'm also having to install a new woofer as mine blew last week.

    Thank you again for your reply!
    Saabmetz ·
    Thanks for the info. I also saw the threads posted about wiper motor was hoping that since I manually closed both relays and motor worked on high I could rule out wiper motor. Luckily I found a wiper motor on line for about the same price should be here Monday also found the sensor . Just trying to cover a bases. Hope it's not the dice, don't have the tech II tool yet, but I do have an obd II . Thanks again
    JCerc ·
    In March 2013 you posted in a thread about a harness from GS and a bluetooth unit you installed in your SAAB. I have a 2008 9-5 SC and would really appreciate having a setup like you have. The link you provided on that thread isn't active anymore so I was hoping you could help me with the details on each. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    Happy New Year and thanks!
    saxyjoo ·
    Hi, I just happened to find your spoiler for sale thread and was wondering if you still had either one by chance? Thanks and just let me know either way. BTW your 9-5 looks awesome!
    WillCheng ·
    Hey! First things always beautiful ride! I was wonder what tire sizes do you have on the 9k? I'm on koni adjustables and b&g springs 40mm drop. I've been wanting to find a way to drop the front without cutting the front springs. I noticed you had a post about this a while ago. Do you also know if the 86-91 9k aftermarket 60mm drop springs will fit in the later 9ks? Please let me know! Thanks and Happy Holidays!

    -William G. Cheng
    eidsvik ·
    Got this run we're planning for the 18th. Should certainly have some pics then. Actually lots of pics of the whole group too.

    I may take her out for an official shoot now that the weather is clearing. Love the end product but always feel so dorky out somewhere taking pictures of my car.
    eidsvik ·
    Just crept through your garage. Stunning 95, visual mods play things off as a seriously classy touring sedan with a dark side. The tune is ALL darkside! Well done j006. I wish I lived near so I could see it in person.
    Irish_Saab ·
    want to meet up somewhere first then cruise-n? I put a message on the group, for all who are coming to see if we all wanted to meet up and then cruise -n
    KOSTAS 9-5 AERO ·
    Hi, do you have any heat problems with the fog HID kit you are using? Any mirror discoloration or housing melting from HID bulb heat?
    Lamli150 ·
    Hi, curious if u can tell me how much stiffer of a ride u have now with the lowering springs and koni dampers, I'm thinking about doing the same to my aero but as i have a young child and we do use the car regularly for 3 to 4 hr road trips I don't want to go too stiff and regret it. Thanks very much
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