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  • cardsfan1 ·
    Hi J-Rod, I live in the Louisville area too and and am looking for someone who has a Tech2. I need to marry new key fobs and delete my DRLs. Do you know of anyone in this area? You can email me at [email protected] or text me at 502-445-0112. Thanks, Don
    SaabTurbo95 ·
    Hey I just saw your post about the bad tail light circuit board in the 9-5. My Saab has been doing the same thing and I was thinking it might need a new circuit board. Do you happen to know the part number for it and where I might be able to order one from?
    dov ·

    Im new to this site, can someone help me navigate through this site or point me into the direction of how to post on Selling or buying.

    what i am trying to is to sell my Saab 9-3 2002.
    Can some one assist me?
    GThomas ·
    Hi, I just made an account as I am trying to list my car for sale in as many places as possible, as I have to sell my 9-5 before I can go pick up the Viggen I have purchased. It states I need to make at least 10 posts before making a for sale post. I was wondering if there was anyway you could verify that this is not spam, so that I could post right away as I need to get rid of the car asap. Thanks for your time!
    Isheydrich ·
    Good evening. I r32 entry started using my account again. How do you get 10 post if it won't let you post anything. Sry I'm a newby to the forum.
    Dave 37 ·
    Happy Birthday! Some weird stuff is going on. My pm box is full suddenly despite delete some messages. Did Leo of Nordic have a stroke and he's haunting SC. What's with this massacre of several moderators, including me. Very strange.
    eidsvik ·
    All I got you for your birthday was this post. Hope you enjoy it! Try not to read it all at once. Happy Birthday
    porsche996 ·
    I hear you; took a 1hr discovery flight last year. Want to get my license something awful, but life always gets in the way!
    porsche996 ·
    You're in southern Indiana?? And you're into Aviation...? Assuming your bio on here is accurate. I'm in Louisville, and am an Aviation Engineer (I design airports). Let me know if you ever need a spare set of wrenching hands. I don't know any saab owners locally. I'm new to them.
    2.3LiterCivicBeater ·
    making things perfect takes time you'll get to it and the wait will be worth it. i got a 79 F250 in my driveway, trying to decide if i should build my monster truck or save my pennies for a fastback
    saabhutter ·
    No:( I don't feel like dropping money into it right now so I will wait until the summer to tow it over to my dad's mechanic. Hopefully he can figure it out!
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