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  • srp204 ·
    I sent my twice to Turner Diagnostics in England and they had to reprogram it because it seems the GM dealer blew the flash memory. So they programmed it with a new transponder chip. I thought finally after 8 months all I need is to have it married to the ecu. Wrong the 3 GM dealers here deny that GM ever sold and serviced Saabs and that took weeks to get because you have to leave a voice mail and they never respond. But there is one last hope a guy here has all kinds of awards for diagnostics and he is going to see if his Tech 2 will marry the system. Turner in England says it is a simple proceedure but up here in the great winter north it's very hard. BTW one guy says he bought a new piece of equipment and it might work but the only thing he can guarantee is the $400 it will cost.
    MrO ·
    Thanks for the great Tech2 post. Thats very helpful.;ol;

    GTurner598;2435898 wrote:
    EDIT: So i think i finally figured this out. i uploaded my file to rapid share so everyone should be able to download it. Let me know if you have an issue downloading it

    Actually there is one issue with MCE:

    GTurner598;2435898 wrote:
    Memory Card Explorer:

    File not found. I guess the link here just got corrupt when copied. Can you please check it and fix it?

    Have a good day
    sa03ab_9*3 ·
    Hi there i was just wondering about where in Pa are you i ask this because you said you have a tech 2 coming and i really need to figure out whats going on with my Saab and again thanks for the support
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