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  • pugh125k ·

    i was wondering if you could help me please

    i bought a tech 2 like yourself from china but i think they sent me a doggy/non working card, tech 2 post version is 6.2 on start up & card software version is 33.004

    I've been trying to get them to help/sort it but all they have said is send it back, tbh i would rather get it working than send it back as its going to cost a fair bit

    so i was wondering if you could/would flash my card to gm/vauxhall english 32.007 1991-2013 please?

    if so how much for new card or to flash mine please?

    thanks in advance

    Crottsfactor ·
    Hi, I just purchased my first Saab, 2004 9-3 Aero. Wanted to do some tech 2 programming. I'm out here in California, Bay Area, and have a small local shop that will do it for me. I'm looking for a comprehensive list of programming that can be done to it so that when I go into the shop I already know what I want changed/programmed. Do you have something like this or know where I might be able to get it?

    There are posts on the forum that go over the options but not all have the same info on them. Any info you could give me I'd really appreciate it.

    Also, I read something where you mention you can purchase a clone that works? Got a link for that? Thanks!
    parhomchukk ·
    I need some tech 2 work done on my saab. Its been without a battery for months and is acting strange towards my key. Im located in bensalem, pa. If you can help with your tech 2 please contact me.
    mike102495 ·
    everything still going great with your tech 2 clone? u made me rlly wanna buy one so if u say its still a good idea im deffinitly going to. thx!
    sicpuppy ·

    Sorry for bug you.

    Would it be possible for you to do me a massive favour and re-upload the following file:

    Opel 115.001 .bin

    I believe the link is broken and the ... has been shortened by the message board :( So I am unable to download the file which I cannot find elsewhere.

    Please let me know, it would be a great help if you could

    Thank you :)
    saabjw ·
    Is there any chance you could send me an activation code for Global TIS?
    I just got a saab 9-3 (2005) and a tech 2 clone.

    Request ID: R517591761

    Software Key: 1B95-FB74-F35E-4036-ED73-E80F-DFCA-2332-9366-0B41-B2EC-A871-F9A9-B9C8-EECA-DE65

    rdubya ·
    Hi I'm from Binghamton. I would like to have tech 2 work done on my 9-3 ss. Please contact me here so can set something up. Thanks
    obelix01 ·
    I am Italian and I have a saab 9.3 1.9TiD 150Hp and Tech2.
    I have problems with my instrument to do the download of the cards and I can write the software on the card only using "Memory Card Explorer" on my laptop or with cardwriter directly on tech2 . The download starts with TIS2000 but it never comes to an end, while with globaltis the com port does not recognize the device. I tried to install globaltis in 4 different pc but the problem is not solved . Now I'm trying to use Tech2Win and with it I can do the download from tis2000 , however, to get the latest downloads I have to use globaltis and my problem is to activate whenever I try it with a different computer because the activations so far I been able to have them by garageautomotive . com but the response times are very long . Can you help me giving me the activation ?
    I thank you very much.
    NiiG ·
    After a long search thru this site and others, I think im finally ready to get one of those Tech 2's. Ill be using it for customers cars so I have a few question before hand about what works and doesnt work. i;e: Model(s), Coding, etc.
    Thomasmcnlt6 ·
    Hey mate,
    I was reading through your write up for the Tech2 a couple months ago, and now again. A couple of the download links for the cards on the original post are no longer there. GM 32 down just returns an empty rapidshare link. If you've still got the files they'd be much appreciated. I could host them somewhere under my one volition too, that way they wouldn't ever disappear.
    cugwuh ·
    Hi, Really great post on the clone Tech 2. I'm ordering mine from the same company you ordered yours. I just have one question. How do I replace and reprogram a used ECU in my 2004 Saab 9-3? Do I take out the old ECU, connect up the new ECU and the use the Tech 2 with security access to change the VIN and other details? Would really appreciate your advice on this. Thanks. Chuks
    kmschaer ·

    I just purchased a Tech 2 and was able to use it for a module add without the security access. Was playing around an deleted my 148.bin file and now have the GM NAO software. I tried to download your rapid share file but it didnt work. Do you have another link or are you willing to use a drop box?

    Ken Schaer
    ACarstens ·
    Do you still recommend the tech 2 device from Tyson? I was about to order one from him but wanted to check with your first. Seems like you may have had some issues but as long as they are backing up their product, I am in. Thanks
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