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  • cooper-davis ·
    Saw your posts on a thread dealing with turn signal issues on cghag1 's 87 900. I noticed what you wrote here:
    "The repacement issue is all about the connector for the cruise system, and the way it is wired. The turn signal switch itself is the same for both variations. The other issue for cars with cruise is the weak right turn holder-upper, simply due to the added weight of the cruise switch way out at the end of the stalk. Gravity has it's way with it, and you end up holding the stalk up to properly signal a right turn. "

    I've got an 84 900 T, and the turn signal is doing just that- not staying up in the "right turn" position. Other than that it works. I thought about replacing it, but they don't seem to be super cheap. Is there any way to tinker with it to fix it or would you think it best to just leave it alone? I have many other things I can be working on instead:)

    Thanks for any help.

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