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  • swisssaabist ·
    Hello, forum is awesome, meanwhile I would suggest one thing, is to encourage posters to tags their posts, it is very useful for searching what we need.
    could you post an advice on the sticky zone.
    Positiv ·

    Can you remove the pictures BlueStada ad in he`s first and only post on my tread. Just out of meaning. Thanks
    LEP3 ·
    J, I have an unapproved visitor message and keep getting a notification. What's up with that? Can you help?
    Positiv ·
    I like to change the headline from: [IMG] 9-5 SE Estate Project. Insanely with pictures :)
    To this: My Norwegian Saab 9-5 Estate Project.

    Can you do that. Or tell me how I can do that.
    Positiv ·
    I want and adjust on some previous posts. How do I do it. When it only comes up quote. And I can not do anything with the post.
    chismog ·
    Hi Jason,
    Posted a reply to a classified you posted about a year ago, regarding roof rails and trim for a black 9-3 sportcombi. Not sure if you saw it, so posting here as well...

    I have a black 07 9-3SC and I'm looking for the rails and a trim swap. Please let me know if yours are still available...

    Chris (chismog)
    micrafi ·
    Hey eidsvik im dying to find a front lip for my 2005 9-5 arc...any chance you can help me? thanks. I'm also new to saabcentral don't know how people "follow up" on visitor messages...private message? anyway i'll come back and look here
    '99 9-3 ·
    Hey, i saw your ideas regarding a mesh grille for your 9-3 here (kudos on your photo shop skills by the way) and was curious about how to move forward making one up myself. Right now I'm planning on black mesh/black grille with SAAB instead of SCANIA in white. Pending your advice i was planning on using gutter mesh, metal primer, color matched black spray-paint (to match the car) and white spray paint to do it up. have any pointers on installation/anything else?
    maine saab ·
    Fairly new to the forum... So I do not know if this is the place to suggest a "STICKY" for Saab owners. I see allot of baffled Saab users and different OBDII codes or how to get the codes read or jumping into replacing expensive parts without first hooking up a reliable OBDII code reader.

    I (just a few minutes ago) replied at length to OBDII questions from a non mechanically inclined Saab owner that was spending $25 per OBDII reads from a parts store (evidently there are no stores or mechanics in his area that will do this for free!!). So I provided what I researched (at length) different OBDII readers for different software applications (IPhones, Android, Windows) I provided links and basic write ups for each one that I researched.

    Please place a sticky - if you deem it helpful. As a moderator, I assume you have the ability to look up all posts that I have put onto the forum(s)...

    "Maine Saab"
    eidsvik ·
    Posted this in the event thread but it's just too cool to bury it there. There will be another released that is a bit longer with some of the interview with Ingvar Carlsson. Check this out. Gives me chills with that score. Well done!

    Any of you in the Seattle area...this happens once a year. Just sayin'

    The “8th Annual Swedish Car Cruise-In”.
    All Swedish Volvo, SAAB, late model, classic, modified or stock. Organized by the XXX Root Beer Drive-In and Ingvar Carlson.

    Camera - Justin Hoey & Blackbird Aerial
    Editing & Coloring - Justin Hoey
    Music - Dead V by Nightcall (

    Instagram: @everydayparadise
    eidsvik ·
    From user jmichael...[Brew City Boosts]... stage 3 tune is perfect. it shocks me everyday i get in my car.. it's remarkably quick and eats up most cars thrown at it. after running certain cars in the area i can't even get a run in with an sti or evo like i want to. they won't even run me anymore with my camera on my car lol....

    Wanted to celebrate this comment as it tickled me.
    eidsvik ·
    8th Annual Swedish Cruise-In at XXX Rootbeer in Issaquah, WA., Sunday, February 16th 2014 10am to 4pm.

    XXX ROOTBEER DRIVE-IN, ISSAQUAH, WA (20 mins from Seattle). Take I-90 to Exit 17. Go south 1 block to Gilman Blvd., Turn LEFT and look for XXX- Drive-In on the left. VOLVO, SAAB, Any year, model classic, stock or modified. No entrance fee, Just a lot of Swedish metal and fun.

    eidsvik ·
    From thread number 282513. So what you guys are essentially saying is that my Cats are toast?

    Yeah, sorry bro. I know it's too little too late but I was reading through WIS and looks like you're spot on.

    [No? I thought that was a good one!]

    eidsvik ·
    One of my favorite SC member quotes:

    It was just a questionable idea on a used car lot that ended up teaching me to be a mechanic, a geek, a tuner, a designer.. and send me on a tangential SAAB lifestyle that I could never imagine. - Tailspin, from "my baby got hit bya a red light runner" 5/29/13
    j006 ·
    Many thanks man! I set out with just your description in mind, so it's great to hear that feedback :) Loving your '01 since I had an '01 Aero previously. Loved that car, especially since it had the ventilated seats. Do you have any pics post PFS install yet?

    koko_31 ·
    I just got this message... It sounds fun... I'm still not home yet... Just joined the group, and hopfully I'll make it to the next one.
    Route246 ·
    Hello Jason - it was great to meet you yesterday! Love where you're going with the Aero, and thanks for showing me the anti-theft device! I'm going to try it, too! Hope to see you on the fb page!
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