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  • jemlis ·
    Apologies, wanted to say I would really value you opinion as you seem the man to ask but didn't have enough characters! Regards emma
    jemlis ·
    problem with my saab9-3 aero hot 2002.just bought it travelled 5 hours to pick it up. White smoke on initial start up,non since no cel light but seller said every now and again it comes on but oes off. Said had it to saab garage who are actually still the registered keeper,but they could find no fault. Oil was sludgy but could see no sign of water loss also has not been changed for 10000 had been stood a while. Noticed a petrol smell in car on way home whenever we stopped and not reaching full boost, only gets to end of yellow. Cel came on 20 mins into journey home.changed the oil and filter and lambda sensor as had similar probs before on previous Saab and this solved the problem. The cel went off, but on thir start up is back on again
    I have no idea why, but I have tried replying to the thread I started and you replied to, but for some reason???? my reply's are not being posted?

    Any way i just wanted to thank you for your reply. I had already tried your sugestioin and no codes were shown. I tried again just to be sure and again no codes.

    Being I cant seem to get a reply posted the thread is just going to die so I cant even post if I figure it out.
    Once again thanks for your reply tho!
    jb93 ·
    Heard you might have tips on removing a 99 9-3 AT ignition switch. How do you get gear selector cover off? I removed #10 torx screw and split the leather cover, but park lock mechanism is still attached to something and I don't want to break any plastic...any tips?
    diegoc ·
    I read on a post that you may know how to get a hold of a shark fin for an 03 9-3? I would really appreciate it if you could help.

    meocec ·
    That seems close to the problem, but mine does not keep going with ignition off. I'll still check it out, but I hope to hear some input on the possible relay in the fan housing theory.
    grkguy89 ·
    so i should have 2 of the SAI pumps...
    send me a message with an offer
    sorry bout how long it took me to respond, i was out of town
    RastaSaab ·
    Hi Earthworm, i have always valued your opinion here on Saab central. If you could please give me your opinion of my thread i would really appreciate it. Best


    900 forum

    9-5 Forum
    clpetersen ·
    Hi Earthworm - curious - how do I measure ohms form fule tank sender unit? Where do I tap in? under car at tank? Having intermittent gauge problems

    Thanks, Chris
    509saab ·
    earthworm, would you know where I could get a good, "DIY how to", to replace the front engine oil seal in a 97' 900 SE 2.0T? I have searched this site and several others and have found rear seal replacememt however, not front seal replacememt. Thanks in advance for you time and help. Ken
    Ladybug09 ·
    Do you know how to repair a sunroof? Mine is stuck 1/4 of the way open. I am trying to replace the sunroof headliner. I've already gotten the car headliner out, and recovered. Everyone kepy saying it was sooo easy to get the sunroof out but....Please help!
    soundquest ·
    Thanks for your responses.

    Regarding your response on the Evap Purge Valve and the Fuel pump...

    So this begs the question then after reading through other posts on faulty Purge Valves...if attempting to clean it fails and it still does not work properly, simply leaving the thing plugged in to the electrical connector and plugging up the throttle body end of the hose will take care of the problem all together? I did try the test and plugged up the TB end of the hose while the engine was running and my idle surge disappeared. Also, I can blow air through my purge valve in one direction but not the other when it is disconnected. Isn't the valve supposed to be closed in both directions when off?

    Also, one post indicated that this purge valve only serves a purpose if your charcoal canister is 6 years or newer. Is this true? If it is, that means people should either:

    A) buy a new purge valve
    B) plug the TB end of the purge valve hose.

    Is this correct? Thanks.
    cobra05d ·
    hey i was just wondering if the rear motor mount when i put it in reverse should move enough so the cable on it maxes out and stops it is it supposed to do that or should it not go that far at all and it looks like it squashes down all the way so what im asking is how do i know if that mount is bad it is still in one piece and has no sign of fluid leaks its a 1995 saab 900 s 2.3l non turbo automatic?
    Harquebus ·
    Seconded on the "make this guy a moderator" bit. 14,081 posts as I write this and no hint of any useless chatter--nothing but useful tips, tricks and information. When earthworm speaks, I listen. I'm grateful and thank you.
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