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  • jvanabra ·
    I'm not really sure on the miles - the odometer is at around 30k, but I suspect it's 130k. It's from Colorado, and has inspection stickers well into the '90s so I think it was at least seeing somewhat regular use. Mine of course has the '60s automatic climate control, which is some very complicated analog circuitry. I've not really even looked at it yet. It mostly only goes out in nice weather, so lack of HVAC isn't much of a problem. :)
    jvanabra ·
    I'm mostly just a fan of '60s Cadillacs, but decided if I was going to have one I should have the biggest one possible. :) It's been a labor of love, but it's generally in very good shape. If I can get the climate control working properly this spring, I'll be thrilled!
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