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  • chris15031972 ·
    Hi, iv'e been searching everywhere to find someone that has converted to open crank vent, could you point me in the right direction of where you got the pieces and help with the new pipe layout, i have to much crank pressure and pcv 6 fitted just trying to rebalance it, iwas thinking of putting another nipple on the the other side of the cam cover running to an ocv?

    kind regards

    mgmt585 ·
    Hi phil,
    great car, you must have put so much work into it.
    just wondering....
    whats it like to drive now over stock? is the 19T laggier/spools much higher?
    what power and torque do you now have?
    my engine spec might be literally exactly the same as yours by the end of summer so would be great to know..
    debating though staying on my 2.3lpt cams for crazy torque but less top end :)
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