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    Hi, I havent been here in a while, looking for some advice on tires, but can't seem to locate the search button for forums. What am I missing?
    snarbles ·
    Do not mean to spam your boards, but I'm having difficulties making new posts/threads and it says "needs moderator approval"

    I've been doing forums for years and this is the first time I've seen this.

    brock1 ·
    I am going to order the 9-3 WIS and would like to know if microsoft windows will run this. Any additional info would help. Thanks
    TJN ·
    Hi crtlz, question: Who should I contact on this site to start a group-buy? I tried emailing one of the people (sorry, can't remember who) with the information, and got no reply.
    The product is mObridge, and they offer an iPod control for the '03 - '06 9-3, allowing control through ICM2 or 3. The retail price is $550, but they would sell it for $400 in groups of 24 (better pricing if 48).

    Are you able to help?
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