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  • Jim Matthews ·
    Jim from Massachusetts here.
    While your vehicle would be ideal for my project, shipping will exceed $1250.

    That makes the project unmanageable.

    I'm going to convert my 96 CS instead.

    Yours is lovely, and will make the next owner proud.

    Best regards,
    CShort ·
    I don't have a repair history beyond the list of parts I swapped in, but I could dig that up.

    Because I bought it from a friend as a project, I never got a carfax or anything. It looks like a new mexico vehicle - not a lot of rust, that sort of thing, but I can't be sure. It had a NM title when i bought it. Yes the title is clear and in my name. I'd be happy to send the VIN if you want to check it out.
    Jim Matthews ·
    Did your Aero "live" in New Mexico all its life - or come in from out of State?

    Clear title in your name?

    The advert says original equipment - any repair history?

    I'm primarily concerned with the condition of the body, suspension and rust.

    Jim Matthews ·
    I would pay you, first of course.

    After that, I'll use a broker to find a carrier.
    That part might require you to be home when they're nearby.

    Do you have more photos of the underbody, doorsils and engine bay?

    508 961-7526
    Jim Matthews ·
    Jim from Massachusetts, here. Will you consider shipping?

    Finding these without rust in the NorthEast is improbable.

    508 961-7526 to text
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