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  • dimkoul ·
    Good Afternoon!

    I own one saab 9-3 2003 and I want to make some improvements on the car.
    As I can see from your posts, you are making some detailed guidance for the part of tuning.
    I would like to ask you if I can find any data about the engine and all the mechanical parts of the car. For example the material, the mechanical forces that can stand for etc.

    Thanks in advance!
    Aeromatic ·
    I'm new to the tuning scene, i've been a Saab enthusiast for the past 7 years ever since my first Saab. Now I have a 06 9-3 Aero 2.8t and my goal is to shoot for 300-340whp. Right now it is stock, do you have any suggestions on what I could start off doing? It would be much appreciated.
    steveinic ·
    I'm trying to determine which 'new' (to me) Saab to look for, and am wondering if you can help or refer me to someone who can. I've driven- quite enthusiastically, and loved SPG's for the last 20 years: I drive the greatest winding Colorado mountain pass monthly. I need to spend less than $13,000 (unless it's an exceptional deal) and am very hesitant to get a V6 or heavy 9-5, but it seems I can't get the Aero-like suspension without. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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