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  • jonsaab93 ·
    Hi cloves thank you for getting back to me, I too didn't get a notification when you messaged.

    I just bought the rims locally in Toronto, hope your rims found a new home too.
    oywhatnext ·
    I replied to your post on the thread but here is what I need. A drivers side sun visor with vanity mirror and a windshield washer fluid cap and filler neck. I live in Old Bridge NJ so I could come to you. Text me if you're interested. I'd pay $20.00 for both if the visor is in decent condition. I have a 2004 so I might see some other stuff I could use as well. text me at 7327898519 if interested.
    On the off chance you are willing to sell the driver or passenger seat cushion, please let me know how much you are looking for.
    NeedforSwedeNYC ·
    Hi! I'm a longtime member of SAABNET and SAABLINK but I'm new to this forum. I thought I'd be able to PM you but that might not be an option for new members. I saw your post about parts from a 2003 9-3 SE and figured I'd see if you had a few parts I need for my Viggen 'vert.

    I am interested in the front left bumper support bracket.

    I also need both plastic front wheel well liners and all the plastic air shield pieces that connect the subframe to the bottom of the front bumper.

    Also, if you still have the shorty antenna I might want that too.

    I know its been a few weeks so I'm sure a lot of parts are gone already. Please let me know either way.


    R. Grant ·
    Hey man, saw your post about parting out the 2003 93. I really would just be interested in buying the dash trim panel.. If Jake wants the whole interior for sure man sell it to him. I just need that one part.. Thanks let me know what you'd want for it if you can and I'd pay to have it shipped to me in CA. Thanks!

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