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  • baseman52 ·
    Is there an easy way to locate members in an area (example Tampa Bay) where we can meet others for sharing hands on help and assistance as well as local parts information ect?
    grizzlism ·
    Why do new threads have to be approved by a mod if the mods are inactive for days at a time.Really frustrating bureaucracy.
    1997 900 conv. The fan behind the radiator is not coming on. The fan blades will turn and I changed the fuse. The coolant low message comes on but the coolant isn't low. Do I need a rad flush? How can I check to see if the fan is receiving power.
    andjusticeforall ·
    Hi CleveSaab,

    I posted a new thread on Thursday and don't see it yet. The topic is " changing hydraulic oil and maybe hydraulic pump for convertible top ". Do I need to post again?

    SvenSaab ·
    Sorry CleveSaab - ignore the message I sent you - I found the discussion on not having a search anymore. Darn... thanks anyway.
    SvenSaab ·
    My "search" link is gone for the forums - I have the "site search" which is way to broad. Is there a way to get it back - or is it hidden somewhere different now? I've noticed it for a few months, but I haven't had to search anything until today... thanks.
    TurboVert97 ·
    HI CleveSaab,
    Just moved back to the Cleveo area from Charlotte. Bought the wife a 97 900 Convertible today. I noticed under the buyers guide(thanks for this, looked it over before buying) it mentions to check to see if the turbo oil was changed. How would you do this? Thanks in advance for your reply.
    Toeblacke ·
    i have at least two other post in y topic that i have written and they have not come up what's up with that i really need help do i have to start a another topic ?

    i know the moderator have to accept my post butt it been like two weeks

    do i have to start another topic ???
    steveb3163 ·
    Hi, New to the Forum -I just posted and got the msge will publish when approved.... How long does this process take and how will I know when it ahs posted? Hope you can help. Thanks
    everready1937 ·
    I made a double post in the 9-3 98-02 model forum. Sorry, I didn't read the message as it was sending my post to the server. I needed more coffee!!

    Thanks and sorry for the hassle,
    simonmd2000 ·
    Hi, twice ive tried to post but i just get a message saying 'will be published when approved by a moderator'. However, nothing is posted and I can't participate in the forum. Can you help?
    roserob ·
    hey I take it youre in cleveland? I'm a student and I just recently purchased my first saab after lusting over one for awhile..a 1995 900 s non turbo auto w/ there anywhere in town that would be best for me to go for any repairs (fingers crossed) or for maintenance..I also need an alignment as the guy did some front end work right before I bought it
    bosco ·
    sometimes while braking it feels like the front pads are moving. You can feel it via the brake pedal. It is getting worse, and now sometimes the abs and tcs lights come on and stay on. Also once or twice the car didnot go into reverse properly. The car still stops and runs properly. any suggestions on what this might be?
    StormCrow ·
    Hi there.
    Can you please delete my thead in the NG900 workshop 'Igntion switch problems' - I posted in NG900 rather than C900 and don't know that I can delete it?!

    Is it possible to delete threads with the new software? I can't see the option, although it may just be me!! ;)
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