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  • chengny ·
    The info I post is culled from a variety of sources. I am not aware of any WIS type manual for the Saab 9000 series that can be purchased.

    You might try Alldata - the data base they offer for the 9000 is great. I think a one year subscription is about $15 and a five year plan is about $25. A good deal of the info I share is probably copyrighted and so I can only cut/paste/post.

    Seriously, try the Alldata web site. I think you will be impressed.

    Aussiebob ·
    Thanks again for your help with my 9000 - I had the Saab guys put the scan tool on and "unfortunately" nothing showed - still have boost issues but will get to that later.

    Can you assist with a similar no start issue on a 1993 900i.??

    Also do you frequent the Beer Shop on Amhurst St??
    MCD ·
    Hi there,

    I came across one of your posts about another guys vehicle regarding water in the oil but no oil in the water, etc... and you seemed to have helpful knowlege. (Everyone else was just telling the guy bad head gasket).

    I wanted you to take a look at an issue I am having if you have the time, I would like to get your insight. here is the thread

    Also, I live in NH as well =) I am in Manchester.

    Thanks and best regards.
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