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  • damontl1235 ·
    Yes... a nice low amount of miles. I hope that you get many more miles as well. The only thing with mine is the accident it was in. I think what they fixed was fixed right, but they did not fix everything. But, I did get it at about 1/2 I think it would have been worth if every little thing was working.
    ScrafFD ·
    I have to have the car in tip top shape as I am travelling to work about 1 hour each way. I do my own work to the car (as you have read) so I have been doing a lot of the work as a preventative measure so I can get to work safely and consistently! I only own the Saab and can't really get another car any time soon, so I have been doing a lot of maintenance that otherwise would probably not be needed. I purchased this car with 89000 km in 2013 and have only had one breakdown, which was my fault... Faulty DIC from China, by accident. I bought it thinking it was OEM, but it wasn't and left me stranded. It's been a very good car. 2007 is one of the best model years you can own, as most of the bugs have been worked out, such as the PCV system, for example.
    damontl1235 ·
    There is just under 125,000 km on my 9-5, and has a rebuilt title, but accident did not even set off airbags.... Your black 07' looks pretty sharp! How many km on yours?
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