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  • postnothrills ·
    Hey, I saw that you put the AEM filter in your car, and that you used the 3x8. You took the stock air filter housing off, right? What do you have securing the filter? If the housing is off, have you ever worried about water getting in there from rain/snow?
    05Aero21 ·
    Hey thanks for the there any way to get the fluid out of the torque converter? Are there other areas on the trans. that have plugs to fill/and or drain?
    ivanwakeup ·
    hey man- i took a look at your thread on the refinshes, and let me say, good job.

    now that i've seen it, im going to have another go at mine.... i'm not happy with the bronze wheels so i'm going something in between graphite and black.

    as far as the lips go- did you just sand the HELL out of them with a DA? i sanded mine for a while and it really didn't do much as far as repairing the damage. should i just go for the aircraft stripper on the lips? and would i need to worry about clearcoating again or can i just polish them and be set?

    and do you think aircraft stripper would be a good choice for the centers? or should i likely just sand those and paint over what is left again?

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