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  • Carguy12 ·
    would u mind helping with a few issues my Saab 9-3 just started showing.

    it seems to not start at all

    and at one point it had a few codes and I believe one was the cps
    also one was for system to lean

    but it still ran for a few days and now nothing
    Cap'n P.Zazz ·
    Hello BobSaabit, I think I got a link to an album to post, just have to minus the spaces in it. Thank you for being patient with me, I appreciate it.
    BobSaabit ·
    Good to hear. Having some local sources is what you need for these cars. A lot of the parts are just as good used and a lot cheaper than new. Post in the forum if you need help - there are lots of people with experience in the different areas of these cars.
    BobSaabit ·
    I will see what I can do. No guarantees... until I get my 9-3 back on the road, my time at the yard may be limited. One other option you should check out is people parting our cars in the classifieds here.

    FYI - if you get to ten posts, you can turn on and send "Private Messages", which are a tad easier than visitor messages. Prowl around the Lounge or the workshop and ask/answer questions. Saying "thanks" will score you an extra post count increment :)
    Ltlcar ·
    Yes the 97 and up had the upgraded linkage. It's amazing but all I have found are automatics in my area. I still need the whole shift knob assembly, spring and the reverse lock if available. I appreciate the help. Thanks
    BobSaabit ·
    There's a chance I will be at a yard some time soon in conjunction with my head rebuild, but I can't be sure. Transportation is an on-going issue. Remind my failing memory... when do the updates start, 1997? Also, did you find the other bits you needed?
    Ltlcar ·
    Hi Bob, I've been trying to locate a used updated shift linkage in my area but I'm having no luck. Would you have be able to get one? Would buy a new but they are a little too pricy. Thank you
    JSwann ·
    I've been doing a ton of research on why my tonneau isn't unlatching and your name keeps showing up. I was hoping you could help me directly. 2001 9-3, I go to power stow top and 5th bow rises but tonneau won't unlatch. Driver side is nice and loose, but passenger side is still locked, thus halting process and yielding "Soft Top Failure" message. There is no hydraulic leaks and I will be checking shear pin tonight. Any other thoughts on what it could be? Is there a way to manually disengage pass lock? Thank you very much.
    chocolatewoman35 ·
    hi you seem to be the only one to answer my post, just wondering if you had any other advise for me. my daughter wants to continue enjoying her car. we have now realized that if we disconnect the maf the car drives fine, go figure, but can it be driven like this without any further damage and why would this happen. all the wiring seems in tact, with it plugged up it runs real crappy and will shut off when in gear.
    freddiebrown ·
    Thanks Bob,

    Before I bought the car I jsut found in the receipts the last owner put this on-

    Search Part number- 63-H7

    Not sure which one of the two it is though?

    My many worry is ruining the engine but I not sure if I need to worry just a bit clueless!!!

    I suppose I can revert back to my old ECU if it doesnt work, but could It do any damage in the first place?
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