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  • Bigtuna819 ·
    Hey Badbrains,

    A fellow forum member sent me a link to one of your posts..

    Few quick questions about the ecotec lsj upgrade clutch kit (19212712) and the euro solid flywheel (55352485).

    my girlfriend has a 2004 saab 9-3 linear 5spd, and the clutch crap out this morning (wont engage in any gear)... I know nothing about saabs or the different trans models... (I come from the lsx world).

    Is that clutch kit and flywheel compatible with the 04 linear model? and if so is there anything else you'd recommend replacing while its apart? slave, remote bleeder etc?

    Im new from nyc and was quoted 1300 for the kit and over 800 for labor. Needs to say i told them not to touch the car.

    Any info and help would be appreciated!


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