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  • fzzz ·
    I have the famous steering lock malfunction issue, any idea how to determine whether it is the ISM or CIM?
    madturk ·
    Can you please let me know your location.
    I would like to bring my Saab 2006 v6 for diagnoses of couple of issues.

    DSomers ·
    Hey there! I have 2006 9-3 2.0t convertible with only one working key fob. Looking to purchase from eSaab a new key and have it programmed. do you have a Tech 2? do you know where I can go? I am south shore Nassau, but Karp is crazy expensive...Thanks in advance for your help!
    zwhite2384 ·
    Hey AVguy. i just bought a 2005 9-3 2.0t. The car was running very well then threw the injector codes as well as some other and found out it was the ecu. ive been reading some of the posts youve helped out with and i just need help with the process of this. and what I would need to do to get a new ecu in the car and evrything. If you could help thatd be greatly appreciated.
    olddog ·
    Hi AVguy. I just bought my first Saab today. A 2008 9-3 2.0T. Are you still on Long Island? I'm just across the sound near New London, CT. -olddog
    Glmed8 ·
    Hello AVguy,
    I couldn't wait on VXdiag so I went out and bought the Mongoose Pro GM 2, however, it is acting in the same manner as the VXdiag, I can read settings and diagnose with it but I can't seem to get the Mongoose to add/remove modules. I have tried the low speed can change and it is still not functioning for me. I hate to think that my car being a EU Saab not US makes a difference. I am determined to not buy a Clone Tech2.
    I just wanted to let you know that if and when I get the Mongoose functioning properly that I will help out in any way I can to get the VXdiag functioning, I still have it.;ol;
    gandolph ·
    So I tried using the gearwrench to change the serpentine belt on an 03 9-3 linear... I spent about 25 minutes trying to get the 3/8th drive into and the hole and gave up. Did you use the 3/8th of the gearwrench to move the tensioner? Thanks.
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