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  • nickbell228 ·
    Hey man. Would you be able to send me the pictures from your vacuum hose swap if you still have them by chance? Would be greatly appreciated.

    HarryQ ·
    I don't know if this is possible,but I have to ask!
    I'm looking for a 9-5 wagon and noticed the one you mentioned in Minneapolis.Problem is,I'm in Denver,nothing available locally. I thought about flying up there and taking a chance on that car,but too many things can go wrong before I get there.If you are not too far away,would it be possible to have you look at the wagon and maybe take it to an Indy and have it checked out before I come to buy it? I would pay you for your time and pop obviously pay the mechanic,too.I assure you,I'm serious and and thought I'd run it past you.
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