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  • DaisyMay ·
    Hi Al, I am trying to see the pictures of your most excelent entry covering the 4 cyl oil pump instal from way back 9/3/2007. Is there any way you could send those or republish so that I may view them. Very Kind regards, Tim
    krsaero ·
    have this dead fuel guage needle, maybe you can help. new pump and sender, baffle removed. tried grounding the yellow and white wire to check for needle activity....nothing. checked ground under back seat. tech 2 was able to make the needle go up and down so im assuming needle is ok. i also jumped a wire from the pump to the plug at the kick panel. not sure what else to check
    eemp ·
    Hello Al!
    You seem to know a lot about SAAB. You wouldn´t happen to have a temperature/ohm table for the outside temperature sensor on a 9-3 from 2002? When I measure it, it seems to be a NTC-thermistor, but I don´t know if it works as intended. On the back side of the sensor it says Siemens. I would be very greateful if you could help me with this. Thanks in advance and Happy New Year.
    /Martin from Sweden
    [email protected]
    Necon45 ·
    Al where do you get all these wonderful diagrams from ?? id like to not have to bug u every time i need one if at all possible and btw i love the saabmersable pic what was goin on there??
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