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  • nadsaab ·
    hi alex,
    i am new to Saab and this forum, can you plz help me out
    Just a 2 days back My automatic gear shifter went into problems....
    this is how it happened:
    When i drive my 05 saab 9-5 for a while the gear goes hard and i can even feel a big jerk (like someone just hit me) changing gears ( even when i change P,D,R). I just did trans flush with ATF 3309 and it would go but it still feels the same. the mechanic said to rebiuld the trans. Is it worth it. He is charging me $2500. this is my only car and it will be dificult for me go to work without this. I want some solutions immediately to fix it before somethings really bad happens.
    nuclear944 ·
    Hello, Alex,
    it seems like you need to approve two posts that a made today...
    Am I going to have to request approval every time?
    djt ·
    I no longer seem to be able to search a thread. Did the upper right link to this feature change in the last few months? Regards.
    lancer ·
    the member cruzer51 is an employee of east of sweden and he has been trying to contact people that have been interested in buying parts from me. please do something about this. i have a private messages he wrote and sent it to me by mistake. please do something.
    99sven ·
    Hello Alex. I did a write up on my T5 install with links to pictures. Can you make it a FAQ. I will post it as "T5 install into an '88 900 16vt". Folks suggested this, Gregg Cronn
    Chris_R ·
    Hi Alex, I'm new around here so I understand there's a process, but how long will my posts have to be moderator approved? I looked thru the FAQ and didn't see anything about that.
    Thanks in advance,
    JPS21N ·
    Hi Alex,
    I have tried to post a new thread about my rain water flood onto the driver floorboards (passenger pre conversion?) twice now but neither has been displayed. I emailed after the first failed attempt but have no reply to that either.
    Would you tell me what I am doing wrong please?
    Cheers, Amanda
    CookinSPG ·
    hey Alex i think it about time for a T5 conversion Sticky. have you guys thought about this? there a megasquirt sticky already. come on T5 there been alot of people talking about this and doing this conversion. what do you think?
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