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  • aeroskipper ·
    Hey Sorry, I didn't get a notice you had emailed me. The wheels I found on ebay for around $800 if you can believe that! The tires added another $600. I was able to sell my 17" wheels and tires for about $500 so that ate up some of the cost. Other than that you can check That searches for used parts all over the country.

    My mods were the JZW Stage 1 tune, which no Aero should be without. I had the BSR Intake as well, which doesn't add much to performance, but you can plainly hear the turbo spool up and bypass valve. I did the 3 pt subframe brace from Taliaferro Imports. The shift bushings and shifter brace, also from Talieferro. The Turbo X grille I bought off of Kanundrum when he wrecked his TurboX.

    It's killing me that I sold her now that I think more about it.

    I hope your son is enjoying the car. When you replied to my forum, I thought you discovered subframe damage that I wasn't aware of, but glad to see that isn't so.
    Parkbruce ·
    Hey it's that guy from the forum. I really liked what you did to your saab before you sold it and I wanted to ask you, how much did it cost you for the turbo x wheels? Where did you get them? What other modifications did you do? I bought a 2008 saab 9-3 aero in Titan gray
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