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  • hman1169 ·
    By his direction, under the bonnet, I pulled the starter relay. I turned the key to on and jumpered across the the thicker two contacts. The car started right up. I plugged the relay back in, shut the car off by the key and tried again from the key. Tada! It started right up again. I can now finish the cleaning and get it back to the owner. But not before I take this beast out for a drive. :)

    So I am going to post my finding in a new post. I am certain this fix will help many in the same situation. I want to thank you for all your help. I am mega-relieved to have this beautiful car starting and running again. It would have been a lot easier to know about jumping the starter relay three weeks ago. Even if it wouldn't have solved it, it would have put direction to troubleshooting. Test light the circuit and wiring. I believe the problem was in the finicky computer and electronics. Something was "stuck" with the original weak battery problem.

    Chris H
    Hampden MA
    hman1169 ·
    You are my Hero for the month!

    I finally got the 06 Saab Aero Convertible 2.8T started!
    The whole story: My job was to detail this vehicle for a friend. I had to jump start it to get it home. I washed it waxed it and shined the tires. (Looked fabulous)

    I started the car to move it forward to shine the missed spot on the tires. When I tried to start it again, it got no click, no start...

    I replaced the battery and there was no change. I removed the ISM to clean the contacts. After that I got "key not accepted ". I then purchased a used ISM from a local junk yard. This solved the key not accepted issue, now I can turn the key, but still no click - no start. I poked around last night and located the starter. (Front left side of motor) checkex all the wires, but still nothing. This morning I received a call from a tech I have been talking to for the past three weeks... (yes, been dead in my driveway for three weeks).

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    hman1169 ·
    Good day to you sir!

    I reversed the problem and re-mated the keys. I put a used ism in and both keys work ,but I still have the initial problem of no click no start. If the emergency disconnect on the battery appears to have some black goo coming out of the bottom, does that mean its bad? All the other electrical is working. Just nothing happens when I turn the key from run to start. Not even a dip in the voltage. So my question for the week is this... Is there a way to bypass the breaker on the battery? I see four conductor wire going to a plug. Or is there a way to test that to see if it is bad?

    I would look it up on the forum, but my old phone isn't agreeing with web today.

    Thanks in advance.

    hman1169 ·
    Thanks for the reply AeroJon,

    So I have to get a new ISM to put the car back on the road, I already know I can replace it but does that mean I need new keys too? Or does the car / Computer / CIM already know that I still have the factory keys?

    All I was supposed to do was wash and wax then clean up the interior. At this point I just want this car out of my driveway. It is the prettiest paper-weight I have ever had.

    Thanks again.

    hman1169 ·
    Greetings Aerojon,
    I have a problem with my church pastors 06 Saab Aero 9-3 2.8T convertible. My job was to wash and wax it, but the battery died and the car wouldn't start. I replace the battery and the car still wouldn't start. No Click No Start. So I called around and asked some techs if it would hurt anything to pull and clean the ism and re install it. now I am getting a "Key not Accepted". I read one of your posts about disconnecting the negative terminal, and when I actually removed it, the battery was connected. Am I totally screwed? is there anything I can do to re-mate the keys? I have both factory key fobs, and the doors still unlock and lock... I may also have some dealer connections that can help me, but I would really like to do this on my own. (with a little help.)

    I have been reading through all the posts I can find, to no good answer. There must be a way to get this straight without a dealer.

    Thanks for any info you can provide.
    03Linear ·
    Hi aerojon, I just found a post from you about 2 years ago about ecu not programmed. You mentioned that is could be because of the imc/ehu. What makes you say that? I currently have the message and would like to know if that is all it could be. I unpluged the battery and every since that message has appeard.
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    Martin93 ·
    Hi areojon, its an '04 aero. I think late '04. We started to have intermittent start problems (3 times in last 2 months, no pattern) but on recovery to garage started 1st time, no error codes, on 3rd recovery it still didn't start when it got there. They were pretty sure it was pump itself (we're not so sure now), after wiring/fitting new pump, car ran for 2 minutes on the ramps until they turned it off via ignition, so good so far, but wouldn;t start again, that's when they stuck the diagnostic kit on, got ECU Malfunction msg. Perhaps was always there when in the 'not starting' mode, I'm not sure they checked the diagnostic before put pump in, maybe pump was never the problem, it was power. Seems like everything else works (they think) except power to the pump. The garage (not a Saab specialist) are struggling to find the pump relay and the routing for the pump power lines. May need Saab specialist (kerching!). If you do have any info/ideas would be really grateful... Cheers
    AlanInAustin ·
    Aerojon, I was reading your long ago thread on adding an auto dimming mirror to a Saab and was wondering -- might you help me with a question? I removed the protective cover immediately above the mirror and removed the two screws holding the main part of the mirror/sunroof control/cabin light housing, but can't get the main part off. Should I be squeezing it somewhere, prying it with a screwdriver somewhere, or...? I'm putting the new mirror in a 2006 Saab 9-3 2.0T.

    Thank you for the help!

    Alan In Austin
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