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  • AmandaSteiner ·
    Hi, my name is Amanda. I have a 2002 9-5 Aero 2.3L check engine light is on and when I took it to my local auto zone for a diagnotic test it showed the following:Definition- Code P1181 indicates that the PCM detected that the long term fuel trim for bank 2 remained "lean" for a predetermined period of time. The Error codes Read are as follows:p1181- Long term fuel trim additive max value air/ fuel too lean, P1260- Fuel Pump speed relay control circuit, P1261- Throttle binding,P1251-Check engine lamp, Output from control module low, and P0304-Cylinder 4 Misfire detected. My questions are: What do these codes exactly mean? How much would it cost to fix them?if you could get back with me at your earliest conveience I would greatly appreciate it. Please and thank you. I really love my car.
    xxfallacyxx ·
    Hey, thanks for looking into my account. My original activation email did not include the necessary activation code, however I was able to get the system to resend one by looking at my profile here on the site. Thanks for getting back to me! (Can't reply to your PM due to low post count, should really change that to 1 or 2 PMs)
    jbeadle ·
    From you: "Hi there,

    I've just activated your account. Please try to post now. I encourage you to read the WELCOME PM you received as it can contain instructions to fully activate your account. Also, there are some areas on the site that have rules posted in them which explain what minimum requirements you need to post in that area. Again, I encourage giving those rules a thorough read through if you’re looking to access that area. As always, if something doesn’t work, let us know. We’re here to help.


    You indicate I should have a "Welcome PM". I sure don't recall ever seeing one. Could you send that to me?

    John Beadle
    loriinindy ·
    Hi Marie,
    I've changed my email address to the gmail account but I'm afraid I've mucked up my account. I'd give the details but I am too verbose for 1000 characters. So my issues are I didn't see a reply button to your PM; I can make PM folders but I don't have any storage space. Maybe there is a reply button and I'm just not seeing it so if you can tell me where on the screen it is then I'll find it, or not!

    Sorry that I didn't update my email before. I am still getting the error messages when I try to sign up for the newsletter so apparently my gmail account is being blocked. Please look into that for me. Thanks for your help!!
    do88 ·
    A couple of days ago we signed up for the "Vendor advertisor" package.
    Now I am trying to set up some adverts but I can´t seem to figure out just where we´re allowed to do so. All I can read is the prohibition of company advertising in the classified sections. Should I post in any of the other categories? It´s the “Workshop sections” I think of primarily.

    Please get back to me on this.

    Best regards
    Isak Edman
    slickfire ·
    Hey Admin. I'd like my account deleted. I'm trying to clean up some of my online accounts and I don't visit here anymore. I can't seem to find where to do this.
    Saab-snob ·
    Hi there Admin -
    I'm an experienced computer user, but have never used a Forum before, so I need some help.

    How do I post a new question? I did not find any threads about 2008 9-3 shifter bezels, and I'd like to ask the community if a wood grain bezel from a 2005 9-3 would fit into my 2008 9-3.

    French_Saab_Buff ·
    Dear admin.

    My post counter seems to have been on the blink for the last two weeks. I keep on navigating between 297 and 293 posts, back and forth, never going over 300, which is at least where my contributions should be at.

    Can anything be done to correct this small irritant ?

    Have a great day.

    philly95 ·
    Hi, I have tried posting a few times recently in the 9-5 Maintenance forum. It always get submitted, and says it will post after a mod reviews it. Two of these were in the last couple weeks, and one just now. None of them has shown up. I tried switching browsers this last time, because I had some cookie blocking in my other browser.

    Can you tell me what is happening to my posts? Thanks.
    Gazolzwurf ·
    Please can you enable editing of the early posts on this thread so I can add the pictures back in?

    This thread has saved countless 9-5s from the infamous sludge and will undoubtedly save many more, if we can resurrect it.

    Something that may be of more interest to you is the fact that this thread has attracted more viewers to this website than any other non-sticky thread in the 9-5 forum.

    Resurrecting the thread is not only good for 9-5 owners, it's also good for your business.

    Are you able to help?

    Many thanks,
    fish2fly ·
    I purchase a 07 93t last nov with 40,000 mi the dealer changed the oil, I now have 45,000
    just finding out that it uses synthetic oil can I put more miles on a oil change
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