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  • Matt66 ·
    Hi Ron, I have been looking up an issue I have with my CPS (saab 93 1999 auto 2L) and notice you responding quite a lot. I am hoping you could shed some light. My mechanic tells me i need a new cps, and he has had delivery of 2, but in both cases they were a 3 pin connector, but that the one in my car has 4 pins. Im trying to source one, but all i see is 3 pin connectors, and have asked him to make sure. He has got a bit irrate with me, saying its 4 pin. Is this possible?
    supafastR ·
    Hi Ron, I noticed your post when I was trying to do some research on my transmission issue and that you're from Columbus. I'm down in Cincinnati and looking for a good Saab mechanic and/or trans shop. Do you know of any? I may be willing to drive all the way to Columbus if I have to.

    FYI - I have an 08 9-3 2.0T 5AT - My main issue is that when I have moderate load in 3rd gear, the rpms jump and it goes into emergency mode. If I hit the gas hard in 3rd, I have no issue. I verified it only happens in 3rd by driving around every day using manual mode and making sure I never go up a hill or am in 3rd at slow speeds (automatically puts higher load on the trans).

    Thanks for any and all help,
    MsJBryant ·
    Hi Saabista,

    I am seriously considering a 97 turbo 900SE I noticed you had. Has it been a good car? I am a woman and not a mechanical guru but am a researcher so I can do that much. LOL. Let me know. Except for the color of dark green; it seems good. I will visit it tomorrow. The carfax was good and last owners took great care of it. One thing immediately wrong is the passenger side window does not roll down. IT has 178k.

    Saabusa ·
    auto lock not functioning call Saab
    Air bag not functioning call Saab
    Still have P2135 and P1681
    Went to check battery in key fob, that was a mistake, because now it won't function and turn off alarm to open any doors. Is a tech 2 needed to get key fob working now?
    Just last week, I had this thing running flawless for over two hours, now, nothing.
    Any Ideas?
    Saabusa ·
    There's a TSB 248-2423 (dated 11/2013) that describes exactly what to do to check and repair the H42-2 connector for P0638 and P1682 codes.

    It's in the September 2010 version of the WIS. I printed in a PDF file, but at 2.3-Mb, it's way too big to upload here. PM me and I'll email it to you... Ron

    Greatly Appreciated!
    tygrysek ·
    Hello Ron,
    Checked the voltage, it came out as 12.6V. Took the battery to Advance Auto Parts to test CCA, it is rated 700 CCA, measured 662 CCA. It looks like the battery is good.
    Diggs mentioned potential CIM problem and this reminded me that I had a problem with turning signal switch, in both directions. It would not turn on until I found a sweet spot upon multiple attempts. This was progressively getting worse for last few months.


    freebirdro ·
    HELLO I am a new member, and i don't know how to post a question to the community. i see you are a senior member, maybe you can help me post this questions? i can a put a video somehow? i have a 1996 saab 900s 4 c non turbo. i have a variable idle, stalling, shaking, under load, more when the engine is cold, changed pump and IAC, PLUGS, no codes on tech 2, only thing we can see is low air intake on tech 2, cleaned body trotle, mechanic checked the top cilinders no color difference or wetness, weird thing is I am loosing coolant, a lot, but i dont see leaks, cleaned maf, break boosters seem okay with pedal test, mechanic did a vacumm leak check but not with smoke, the engine makes a noise lat iddle like a hmm high and low, rpm at 1200 wont pass a class emmission test,
    jonnysaabman ·
    hey ron, thank you for your reply on my problem. im over here in sunny england, and noticed your in ohio. my little boys nan and granddad live out there in unionville, would be interesting to know if a fellow Saab enthusiast lives anywhere near them!
    Kind Regards
    IanT54 ·
    Hi Ron - I've seen a couple of pictures of your wooden engine support beam on the forum. Did you ever put the details in a thread? I'm looking for something with measurements etc. I've searched but I can't find anything with that level of detail.


    kimosaabie9-3 ·
    hey - you posted some diagrams on some forums. Im trying to replace my inupt and output spees sensors on my 99 9-3 but cant find them on the tranny. any ideas?
    j4ply ·
    hi can you help i have just ought a saab 95 2.3 hot aero on a 2003 (03) that has got the svt m700 sat nav system on board but it doent work it doesnt even power up or turn on?? iv checked the fuses and they are all ok is there anything that goes down on these systems or anything you can point me to that might be at fault for the system not working many thanks.
    mebaku ·
    have 1999 Saab 93 SE that needs a motor. I can get a 93 motor with 77k or I can get saab 9000 with 107k miles. I have done some research and it seems the 9000 has the better & tougher engine and have a lot more potential proformance wise. I need help make my decision,

    minnieme ·
    hi there i have a saab 900s 2.5 v6 1996 i need to buy a haynes repair manual and i dont know which one please help thanks
    Kataybaa75 ·
    Hello I have a 1997 Saab 900 SE Turbo and it will not start. The engine turns over but does not fire. Previously if this has happened I just turn off the ignition and press the unlock button on the key fob as I have been told this is an imobiliser issue.\r\n
    This time however I try this solution but the engine just turns over and over. Any ideas? I notice that the red LED is flashing twice per second and whren you look in the manuel it suggests that this only happens when the engine control module is disconnected (V-SS feature)???Any suggestions as to how to fix this? thanks
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