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  • Ezra ·
    Hi Alwynne,
    well, sort of... I opened the manual valve and pushed it up and down a few times, then I filled the pump with fluid, whizzed it up and down a few times on the switch, and it's fine for the time being. I'm guessing it has a small leak at the driver's side ram cos that's where the hydraulic fluid had dumped itself. I'm hoping it'll do for a while. I have a ram but was a bit outfaced by the process of replacing it....

    Had the EXH light come on today, it's never done that before. I know its the O2 sensor and at 95k and from Hong Kong, it's probably on it's second at least [they have stringent emissions policy there, even in 1992].. but I need to know how to reset it. I've posted becuase the only ones I found were American and the steering whell is on the other side as you know ;0
    secondsaab ·
    Got around to wrapping my head around the ol' freeze the advance with a screw on my turbo dizzy thing from a few weeks ago, remembered why I did it. My throttle body does not have a vac fitting for dizzy, my other throttle bodies on my other 2 T16s provision for that. On frankenblue, it's just blank. You know what I am saying? You've been on this longer than me...but long and short is I bought Banman's c900 as a winter beater. It's began life as a N/A 900S with autobox. as it sits Today it has a 5 speed with EZK and a turbo charger retrofitted. Now if I could hook the advance hose somewhere else? Don't know, you tell me.
    secondsaab ·
    I went back and re read what you said about your way and it made sense to me. Saving you the trouble of explaining yourself twice. I am going to look into trying it your way. Frankenblue is my winter beater and I just need it to run at the moment, which it is doing. Can't say my way isn't working though. And yes I did edit it and yes I too read SC from my email pretty often to.
    thecmg ·
    Hey any chance you take a picture of the CEL yellow wire connector that you referenced. I've looked all over and can't seem to find it in my engine compartment. Thx.
    16saabs ·
    I know I have a 4 dr set but will check next week as changing my garage roof this week end, sorry in delay for reply, did'nt realise there was a message there
    anderst84 ·
    Hi! i see that you are having a cleanup in your garage.
    i could use one of you parts.

    i added a picture of the part i need but please notice it`s for the left side door.
    the car i want to use it on is as you can see an Saab 900 -1985 3door.

    hope you can mabe can help me out with this one, if not you maybe know someone who has the part i`m searching

    (sorry for my bad english, as i am from Norway)
    Rhothgar_Den_Viking ·
    Hi Alwynne.

    Hope you're keeping well. Long time no speak.

    I bought some bits from you probably around 5 years ago when I struggling with an issue with my Saab 900 T16S. Am back on the site now. Same problem. Suspect AAV.

    Keep in touch.
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