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  • MI-Roger ·
    I will be working on Tuesday about 40-45 miles from Ann Arbor, but if you get in a jam in Ann Arbor you can give me a call. My cell is 734-776-3840

    Roger Cook
    ScottGags ·
    Your car sounds damned nice haha! But is it loud? tomorrow i get in a Flowmaster Hushpower pro(3" in and out) and a Vibrant ultra quiet res to complement the Borla 40944, So if the Vibrant fits, that makes 3(hes THREE) Mufflers in my system...... I'm that man who wants a nice sounding, not alarming not neighbor annoying 3" system. If this fails, I'm selling the cat-back and putting stock back on.
    Breau ·
    The trans oil circulates. This is why it is necessary to drain and refill 3 times instead of once. In total there is 7 quarts of trans oil in the system and about 3 or 4 quarts (i forget the exact amount) comes out of the drain plug. Don't drain the transmission fluid any other way, the only way you should be draining it is from the drain plug.
    05Aero21 ·
    Got ya loud and clear on that one. So I'll spend 100.00 less doing this myself. Not bad at all. But you really can't remove the oil from the torque converter can you when doing a drain? Is that a good or bad thing if you can't? Or does it even matter?
    flying SAAB ·
    someone posted in your thread that there is a drain plug, so you could skip the hoses and pump and instead just drain the oil from via the drain plug.(the plug faces the cat converter from what the member said) . either way works. yes, that is why you are wasting 5 qts of oil. its to make sure the fluid is a lil bit more fresh and less contaminated by the old oil. make sure to drive the car around (maybe like 5-7 min, or like 3mi) to get the fluid all mixed in nicely. how ever much oil comes during removing it, is how much you want to put in of the new stuff. make sure the fluid level is good on the dipstick when your all done (car should be running when checking fluid level on trans and warmed up). any more questions just lmk.
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