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Originally Posted by Svenpup View Post
i just did this on my '07 Aero manual and noticed a few differences.

Step 2: There were no torx screws here, so I skipped this step.
Step 4: There were no torx screws here, so I skipped this step.
Step 5: Apparently not relevant to the manual transmission.

Steps 9-12: I didn't perform these as there was enough play in the center console at this point that the ISM could be easily removed. This is a compromise between MyersGraphics instructions on this page, and the abbreviated instructions that dzlsabe and jcliff posted at
For future reference, my manual convertible does have the torx screws in step 2 (labeled 2 in the diagram above), just underneath the area where the coin tray mat and the shift knob meet. FWIW, the extra give they offer is so little I don't think it is worth the time to remove them, unless you have a cabriolet where you need ever millimeter you can get to work in the very confined space.
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