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Default OG 9-3 ACC Blowing Hot Air Only

So my acc was working a few months ago (tested it during spring to see if it need anything, worked fine).

Right now, it only blows hot air. The compressor kicks in, so that's working, and if i turn the temp all the way down low - i can feel it blowing a bit cool (not cold at all, but not hot).

I have tried calibrating it and i can hear some strange noises from under the dashboard. The bad thing is, my ACC display is not working properly and i can't read the exact code (may be a 02, 12 or 22 - something ending with 2).

Whenever i turn the temperature down (to less than the current inside temp) - i can hear the compressor going off - so i guess the sensors are working and triggering the compressor to start.

I believe there's something with the flaps, but i could only find info relating the 9-5 (which has dual zone climate).

I took apart the dashboard, removed the ACC control unit and the radio to have better access, also removed the whole glove box par and panel.

I found 2 stepper motors : one right behind the ACC control unit and one one side, on the passenger footwell. I managed to get test the side motor and it's working fine - it's moving some levers and it seems to influence the flow of (cool) air : however, it only seems to blow cool air when it's at it's max closed (or open) position - when the acc is set to HI (under 13 or 14 degrees celsius). So this stepper works fine.

The other stepper, i did not manage to test - don't know what it does - i can remove it, i can see it's screws but it's in a tight position so i'd rather wait.

One thing i noticed is that both steppers are really hot after just a few minutes of use (they get to 50-60 deg Celsius in just 1-2 minutes - and they don't do anything, they don't move, they just get hot by sitting there). Is this normal?

What does the center stepper do?

Any fix for this whole thing?
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