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Looks like you have some Saab experience under your belt. I'll be the first one on here to suggest everything you'll want to do...

Drop the oil pan & clean. Make sure to order the 3 o-rings needed.

I would take of the valve cover to have a look, so ordering a valve cover gasket probably isn't a bad move.

While you're at it, the oil pressure switch is often the cause of oil leaks on these cars. Probably want to replace it as well to avoid future frustration.

Not sure if you've used before, but they are a great resource for sourcing used parts, such as interior door panels or an entire rear hatch if the glass replacement is costly.

Lifter tick may clear up after an oil change. If it were up to me, I would probably drain oil, drop the oil pan, clean that out, take off the valve cover & pour good oil over the lifters, refill with oil and see how she sounds. When dropping the oil pan, you may discover the rod knock in the form of metallic bearing material in the pan, in which case you'll be shopping a new motor.

The PCV update can wait until after you get it started and get rid of the noise. No sense in spending the money just yet if the motor is fubar.
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