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Originally Posted by Dark View Post
Seems a bit overkill unless you're tracking your car. Not to mention kit wont be a direct bolt on. What yr saab and model do you have? If it's not an aero you will need to modify dust shields. You would need to machine the kits rotor center to fit over the saab wheel hub and you will need the 20mm caliper mounting bushings mentioned throughout this thread.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't both the factory cobalt ss brembos and the ones listed in the zzp big brake kit both 4 piston? Is the main benifit going from the stock cobalt size rotor of 12.4" to 14.5"?
I have an '09 Vector Sedan. I know the kit won't be a direct bolt on. But I thought it would be safe to assume that if both kits (OP's kit and my 14.5" kit) are marketed for the Cobalt, that their mounting would be the same? Then again, assumption is the mother of all stuff ups!.

If they are roughly the same price, why not go bigger?. Don't bigger brakes provide more stopping power?. I know they give a higher "w ank" factor.

Wheel clearance doesn't bother me. I plan to go with 18" Audi wheels. I could use wobble bolts (what ever they are?). But I intending to use wheel adaptors to be legal and safe. Should give me an extra inch in radius and 3/4" in width.

Please don't flame me. I'm not saying you guys are wrong. Just having a discussion and edumecating myself

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