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I finally found my Mcmaster carr bushings they are exactly as detailed in the OP (Guerbear)) very well presented post with description and part number; 1 Dry-Running Sleeve Bearing with Steel Shell
PTFE-Lined TIN Bronze, for 12mm Shaft Diameter, 15mm Length

I decided to service the Brembo's for winter today. They have been on the car for coming up at least three years. I never used the sleeves so I decided to install them.

Couple of notes: flange bolts are better than hex head bolts. The flange really makes the fastener work better, just like the OEM fastener which is a flange bolt.I use 10.9 yellow zinc coated flange bolts. Blue Loctite on the threads.
When I installed this kit three years ago I was deep into purple silicone brake lube for pins and pads and bridges. Not long after I switched to Lloyds Moly antiseize. I find this better. The silicone stuff had worked but there was a little corrosion here and there.

I was intending to install my stainless brake lines but decided not to. I was also going to surface grind true the rotors as I was not 100% happy with the braking vibration.
But as I also found my rust paint is not doing well on the brake shields, and as I have been thoroughly infected by Postiv's continuing saga refurbishing his Norwegian 9-5 jewel, I just serviced the calipers and put off any further work until next week. This is how they are after three years...

Then I will install the stainless lines, along with new AC DELCO 314 mm Saab aero rotors , (coated with the zinc rich paint I use). New Powdercoated calipers ( same metallic silver color as before ) ready to assemble with new pistons after coating.

and I will powdercoat both the knuckle and the brake shields...I will refurbish the take off calipers with new pistons and seals. They are not sticking, but there is some evidence of corrosion on the piston cavity, which is normal. The biggest pita with powdercoating calipers is buying the (expensive) correct genuine Brembo decals for the calipers...

The ceramic 17D series pads are working very well, so I will keep using them. They are about half worn...

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