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I bought a brake bleeder that you hook up to your compressor. It works but would take a massive compressor and tank to get the job done. I said **** it and had my brother just pump the pedal. Speed bleeders or a helper is the best way.

I bled the calipers passenger inside bleeder then outside then driver inside then outside.

I bought used calipers on the cheap from Ebay and they came with nice pads. The pads were almost 100%. So I sanded the pads to make a new surface and re-used them.

I did about 5 100mph to 20mph HARD stops to bed the pads in and then drove awhile to cool them. They work great now. You hit the pedal and the car stops NOW!!! They are so good that it freaks out the ABS computer. Even though you aren't losing traction the ABS computer kicks in when you are almost stopped because you are stopping so fast. Now I notice that my rear rotors are warped. FRAK!!

What upgrades can I do to the rears?

THIS is a MUST do upgrade for your 9-3. It is cheap and you can buy the parts here and there as you can afford them. So you get the calipers on ebay from LKQ for $249 or pay $399 for new calipers. Get the lines from Genuine Saab with their kit. It works great and has the banjo bolts and washers you need. 20mm long bushings from McMaster and M12x40mmx175 pitch bolts from local hardware store. Rotors are the tricky part. You can do what I did and use Cobalt rotors that have been machined to fit the Saab hub or just use Saab Aero 314mm rotors. Just get the Ebay Saab rotors for $67 shipped and be done with it. The hell I went through to get the Cobalt Centric rotors machined to fit the Saab was not worth it. I would paint the center of the rotor and paint out a little and let the pad wipe the paint off. Saab rotors are much easier.

And last but not least....yes they are fugly. I bought used calipers and cleaned them the best I could. Brembos don't clean up well apparently. There is something about the the Brembo factory finish that won't let it clean up. It is a weird Aluminium smooth feeling finish. I will need to repaint them and put new decals on them for them to look good but for now they are 110% functional. I might just leave them fugly and stay under the radar.

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