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Originally Posted by kurwa311 View Post
I contacted Vtuner man asking acceleration times. Dynos and HP/TORQUE ratings are pointless.
1/4 mile
That what shows real performance.

Hirsch is very fair with their acceleration times I got exactly what i see on their site.
Dynos are definitely not "pointless". They key is how you use them. If the original poster had done a "before" dyno, installed the tune, then did an "after" dyno (with all other variables the same) that would have been more helpful in determining what kind of performance gain the tune was actually responsible for. I will agree that the widely varying results between dyno brands (Dynojet, Mustang, etc) makes comparing dyno slips between different dyno brands and/or dyno facilities useless.

1/4 mile times don't show power at all. I've seen 400 horsepower cars run 11's, and I've seen 800 horsepower cars run 11's! Outside air temps, track prep, tire selection, chassis setup, etc, all play huge factors in 1/4 mile times. Frankly, comparing 1/4 mile trap speeds is a much better indicator of power increases since the traction aspect doesn't come into play at the far end of the track.
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