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Old 13th July 2009
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Originally Posted by Jssaab View Post
Great write up !!! Can't wait to get one. You mentioned that you can put the reverse lock guts back in with patience, does GS say it will work with it re-installed or just your guess!
A brief conversation with Nick T suggested you can put the R-lock out stuff in, but it takes some patience to line it all up and make it properly work. I didn't bother trying, as it didn't seem like a big deal to leave it out.

Originally Posted by Jssaab View Post
What Year car, did you change to the proper gearbox oil? early cars had the wrong stuff and the newer stuff fixed it right up ( if not you may need the trans update kit installed) and no, a short shifter will make it harder to get into gear!
I did this on my 04 aero, I assume it has the right gearbox fluid.
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