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Old 13th June 2019
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Yes, when blower is working (blows) I can control the fan settings and the pictogram rising graph corresponds to the blower output.
Furthermore when observing fan voltage with Tech2 (in the DICE settings I believe) I can watch the voltage rise to 12-range when i increase the fan speed at the ACc panel, and decrease (down to like 4-5v) when i decrease the fan setting at the ACC panel (manually).

My first suspicion was blower motor, even before I found this temp related pattern, so i ordered one up... but then today finally figuring out the intermittent had a pattern, I got worried that maybe it could be the resistor.

I was just in the footwells doing a bleand door shaft fix and had enough back and neck strain for the week!

thanks ed. Unless anyone else has thoughts, I will probably try to swap the motor out tomorrow...before a long drive to NC on Saturday.......

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