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Default Blower off on hot start/ fine on cold start

If I start the car cold, my ACC blower fan works perfectly normal and great. (calling for A/C currently in the summer) I can change fan speed to my hearts content, until the car is turned off.

If I start the car hot, the blower fan will not engage until I have driven say 30 mph for 3-4 mins, or say 45 mph for 2-3 mins.

A real world example: start car after work (car in sunny parking lot) full blower capabilities, im feeling good. Stop to get gas half way home about 20 mins later, and on the hot start, NO blower at all..... sit in traffic for five minutes, nothing but getting sweaty. Get out of traffic hit a road i can do 30-45 on and about two mins the blower kick on.

So seems to be engine bay temp related.

I do not know or have any observations of say driving for over an hour at a time at highway speeds on a hot day....(so dont know if engine bay could then get hot enough to shut it off again while driving, which i have yet to experience.

I have had bad blower motors before on other cars and they usually just die, or are intermittent possessed style.

I have had bad blower fan regulators, or resistors, on other cars, but I always have the very definitive symptom- blower works on high speed, but not any other lower speeds.

Anyone have this experience before?

again, works great when cold start and when driving at enough speed to give some sort of cooling (i am assuming) to the engine bay.

thanks all

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