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Default Upgrading the green screen

So the green screen is a bit flaky. When it dips below freezing, my screen comes up garbled -- "Info" still works but "tainment" is out until I stop and start the car again. It occasionally forgets the USB is connected and it's almost constantly reindexing -- during which the behaviour is any where from working normally to completely spazzing out. If there's a firmware update that will help this guy, that would be great. But I'm hoping to fix it by upgrading to the nav system. On the Buick forums, they have some pretty detailed steps:

I picked up a nav radio & display from an SRX and this starting to look doable. I have the AM/FM/XM radio and OnStar so X1, X8 & X9 are already there and I believe there's a GPS antenna integrated into the antenna base. From the Buick thread, seems like this is what would have to be done:

1) Re-wire some pins on X1 -- console controls
2) Pick up a 20-pin connector for X3 -- display controls
3) Pick up a "TWINAX" cable for X4 to connect the display & radio
4) Fish out X7 from wherever it's currently connected
5) Run a wire through the headliner to connect X10 to GPS antenna
6) Unlock the new radio

Has anyone out there already done this? Any experience replacing the head unit or taking the dash apart? (There's a really good video for doing this on the 9-5 NG -- hope we're similar.) Thanks!
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