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Unhappy Key Not Accepted -Contact SAAB Dealer

Was increasingly getting the Steering Lock Malfuntion error on my 2003 9-3 Arc. It drove fine but I couldn't see or access other SID info even after clearing the error. It was essentially still there. I tried the ISM cleaning procedure and all seemed to go well. Found a good crud buildup on one of the contacts. Cleaned them all up with eraser and some rubbing alcohol/q-tip. After re-installation, the key presses down ok but wont turn in its socket. After a few seconds, I get the Key Not Accepted error on the SID. Tried disconnecting battery to reset but no change. Tried a post about re-synching key to no avail either. Same effect from both keys and key fobs still work to lock/unlock doors etc. I'm thinking the next step is to replace the ISM and after that, the CIM. Any help that can be offered would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

btw one helpful tip to add for dissassembly of the ISM is use of the little rectangular holes on the black base. Insert a small screwdriver through the holes to pry up the white cover at each tab location. Do this job in a warm location to improve flexability of the cover.

Also, I couldn't get mine out past the duct but removing the 2 console side screws let me lift the console high enough to get past the duct.

Just got my genuine SAAB ignition switch ($124 from thesaabsite) installed and it fixed all my problems. The cleaning didn't work for me and actually made the car totally non-functional. I couldn't even close windows or sunroof. Just keep that iin mind if you need your car.

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