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Old 30th September 2011
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Default Ignition Switch (ISM) Cleaning 12801010

Many of these ISMs that are throwing codes can most likely be saved.

First, disconnect battery negative, then remove the module, which CAN be done in minutes by removing the left side (and right if its the first time) console cover (one T25 each side, under the screwcover. Then release the the ISM by pushing the stainless tabs in. Push the switch into the plastic duct slightly so the rubbery stuff isnt damaged. Release the connectors.

Then, get a hold of two red tubes that come with most spray lubes and cleaners. With a small screwdriver, gently pry the cover to release the tabs and slide a spray tube down each long side to keep them released. Then release the short sides.

Carefully clean the contact areas with a Q-tip and cleaner, buff and slightly bend the 3 sets of contact points, clean any areas with obvious coffee, pop, armorall etc goo, then snap it back together. It really would be hard to mess it up. Hopefully, any codes the ISM was generating will be gone.
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