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Old 17th April 2019
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Well, this past weekend was a mixed bag. Race was at PittRace outside Pittsburgh PA. We signed up for the half day test day on friday to learn the track. Car seemed ready and fine, so I strapped in with my sister in the passenger seat to take a few laps, and on the first straight when I punched it the car went right to limp mode, blinking CEL, no power, breaking up a lot. I limped it back to the pits, and it wouldn't idle, threw more codes than I'd ever seen, and scared the crap out of us. I assumed electrical because we moved the battery and maybe the grounding wasn't good enough for a bunch of sensors, but even after adding another ground cable directly to the now rear mount battery didn't fix it.

Turns out it was the charge pipe that popped off the throttle body... Stupid me. Bolted that on and what do you now, car runs great. I got out for the last session on test day and the car was back to it's awesome self.

Saturday the car seemed to have finally fixed it's over heating issues. (we've only thrown a radiator, bigger oil cooler, better fans, air ducting, cat delete, and a hood vent at it). It was pulling like a freight train, with very few other cars that could out pace us down the straights. (we still lack some corner speed). but shortly after I got in for the last stint of the day it started doing it's stupid over heating thing again. The only difference I could see was the P1444 code came back on. (I have another thread on this, and I think it is related). Either way, I pushed to the end of the day driving as aggressively as I could while keeping temps down.

however, as I rolled the car into the garage at the end of saturday, it started knocking, really bad. We determined it to be top end noise, likely a lifter that failed. If you let the car run a little, it did quiet down, but as soon as you gave it any load, it came right back. On top of that an exhaust stud came out and we blew out a bunch of the gasket. Not smart to run with that large of a leak, and no one local had a gasket, so we sat out sunday. Which is a shame, it was raining and we love the rain.

next race is in august. Looks like we're going to drop in our 200k mile spare motor for that race while we fix the lifters and some other minor oil leaks on this engine, then we'll put it back in for October. We're up to almost 260k miles on this engine, I want to see how far it goes. Over 4k race miles on it already.
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