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Default Triumph transmission?

I tried to post a link to a recent article in Classic & Sportscar magazine which found its way online. As a newbie to this forum (hello!) it wouldn't allow me to do that, but it's a comparison featuring the 99 Turbo and the Triumph Dolomite Sprint.

Anyway, it's the second article from that magazine in which it is stated that the 99 used the transmission from the little remembered Triumph 1300. And this surely can't be the case because the transmission struggled to cope with the output of a 1300 pushrod engine, so how on earth it managed to bear the brunt of a naturally aspirated 2 litre engine, let alone a turbocharged variant of the same is a mystery.

Does anyone know if there is a Triumph connection to the 99's four speed transmission, or is the article a load of tripe?
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